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admin | 2018-6-29 18:02
摘要: In June 2018, the EOS mainnet was launched. At present, there are more than 300 EOS Block Producer Candidates in the election of BP. But just 27% of the EOS holders have participated in the voting unt ...


In June 2018, the EOS mainnet was launched. At present, there are more than 300 EOS Block Producer Candidates in the election of BP. But just 27% of the EOS holders have participated in the voting until June 25.



On the one hand, those candidates with strong technical strength from China or abroad may not have enough votes to temporarily enter the top 21.



Second, many holders are cautious about the vote itself. The first is voting security.The security problems that occurred shortly after the start of voting made everyone more or less at a loss. The second is the voting channel. Wallets can vote. Many trading platforms also open the voting function. Still, many other exchanges haven’t opened the function to withdraw coins or vote. How to choose a channel? Will these channels faithfully follow the holder's choice? Does the holder have a way to check?



In addition, in view of the fact that EOS can cast 30 votes at the same time, a structured voting method has emerged. In contrast to traditional voting methods, it is a blind spot for holders. A lot of tickets in the holders' hand do not know who to vote for. For ordinary EOS holders, it is difficult for them to clearly state even 5 BP candidates’ team, technical advantages, and BP operation and maintenance plans, not to mention” 1 Token = up to 30 Votes” to select 30 BP candidates.



This can easily lead to herd behavior. More and more holders will follow the large troops to vote for the top BP candidates. This will easily lead to the top ones get more votes, and the candidates at the bottom of the rankings will have weaker and weaker voices. Our concern is that this will lead to a more centralized platform where more and more capable teams are excluded.



How to choose the BP you want to support? From what aspects can you confirm that this candidate is worth voting for?



On July 1, 2018, the"EOS Voting Consensus Conference" hosted by FOS.TOP Community will be held in Hangzhou to exchange doubts mentioned above on voting with the holders and BP candidates.



How to quickly get the information of these candidates and how to choose the right voting strategy are the most important topics of this conference. FOS.TOP Community will try to collect the most comprehensive relevant information and invite domestic and foreign experts and BP candidates to elaborate on these issues. In addition to discussing the BP voting strategy, the conference will also set up a roundtableforum.



The conference plans to invite dozens of high quality technology BP candidates in China and abroad to attend the meeting. We also hope to hear the voice from more holders. All EOS holders can participate in the conference through the registration channel.



In response to the requirements of some candidates in foreign countries, the conference will add video link sessions to show as much as possible the views of the candidates onthe EOS voting mechanism.



The conference is hosted by the FOS.TOP Community and co-organized by oraclegogogo, EOShenZhen, StartEOS and qxeos, and reported by 8btc, BTC123, BITV, Hunxu Finance,Weilaicaijing, Ihuoqiu, Qukuaiwang, Shilian, Bitcoin Wu, Zijie, Xiaobi Jun, Qidian Finance, OCX Chain community,  Huoxing24, Jinniu Caijing, Block Rich Finance and Bibaodao etc.

会议时间 TIME

2018年7月1日 10:00——17:00

Beijing Time(GMT+8) 10:00 - 17:00,July1, 2018



BODOSTAR, 6th Floor, Internet Finance Building, 96 Huaxing Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province, China



Scan the QR code to sign up



Conference Contact WeChat

Scan the QR code to add Conference Contact WeChat, and remark EOS to join the official WeChat group






The founding team of  FOS.TOP  Community has millions of EOS. In line with its own needs is the needs of others,  FOS.TOP  Community mainly focus on the following three issues:

First,to learn more information about BP candidates and the development of EOS community as a basis for votingand output to the community;

Second,giving priority to voting for candidates with technical strength;

Third,invest all EOS and related earnings in the blockchain (not limited to EOS)projects.